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Prof. Tadeusz Kaczorek, Conference Publishing Services (CPS) Fellow, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Prof. Daniel Kammen, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Prof. David A. Johnson, University of Waterloo, Canada
Prof. D. Subbaram Naidu, Conference Publishing Services (CPS) Fellow, Idaho State University, USA
Prof. Wasfy B. Mikhael, Conference Publishing Services (CPS) Fellow, Vice President Conference Publishing Services (CPS) Circuits and Systems, University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA
Prof. Pierre Borne, Conference Publishing Services (CPS) France Section Chair, Conference Publishing Services (CPS) Fellow, Conference Publishing Services (CPS)/SMC Past President, Ecole Centrale de Lille, France
Prof. George Vachtsevanos, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Prof. Yuriy S. Shmaliy (Conference Publishing Services (CPS) Fellow), Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico
Prof. Jan Awrejcewicz, Technical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland
Prof. Imre J. Rudas, Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary
Prof. Carla Pinto, Polytechnic of Porto, Porto, Portugal


Network Theory and Applications, Filter Theory, Nanostructures and nanotechnologies, Molecular Electronics, Molecular Computing, DNA Computing, Circuits and Networks inspired from Biology, Metabolic Networks, Microelectronics, Microcircuits, Analog, Digital, Mixed-Mode Circuits, Electronics: Components, Devices, Systems, Silicon Devices: Technology, Modeling, Reliability, Optoelectronic Devices, Laser and Optical Systems, Thin Film Technologies, Very Large Scale Integration Systems (VLSI), Hardware/Software Codesign,Very Large Scale Integration Systems (VLSI), Digital Filters, High Level Synthesis, Amplifiers, Nonlinear Circuits, Sensors, Physical Design, Time-Frequency and Wavelet Applications, Modelling and Simulation, CAD Tools, Circuits and Electronics for Data Conversion and S-D Modulation, Capacitor/Current Technoques, Prototype Devices and Measurement, Circuits and Systems for Control and Robotics, Electron Devices for Power Technology, High Voltages and Electric Machines, Device Physics, Physical Design, High-Level Synthesis and Testing, Non-Linear Circuits, Formal Verification, Semiconductors, Superconductivity Circuits, Computer-Aided Design, Instrumentation, Instrument-Computer Interface, Military Electronics, Electronics for Space exploration, Consumer Electronics, Circuits in Power Technology, Electron Devices for Video Technology, Circuits for Antennas Technology, Electron Devices and Systems for Radar and Sonar Systems, Circuit Models, Electrical and Electronic Measurement, Circuits for Industrial Applications, Circuit models for Electromagnetic Fields, Electronics for Signal Processing and other Applications, Neural Networks, Numerical Analysis and Circuits, Logic Synthesis, Fuzzy Logic and Circuits Design, Circuit Implementation for Fuzzy Systems, Multidimensional Circuits and Systems, Dynamical systems, Differential Equations:, Ordinary Differential Equations, Functional Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear analysis, Stability, Nonlinear oscillations, Bifurcations, Singular perturbations, Fractals, Ergodic theory, Image compression, Scientific visualization, Stability of matter, Schroedinger operators, Dynamics of numerics, Numerical analysis and lattice dynamical systems, Non-linear Structures, Dynamics, Function Soft condensed matter, Fluid Dynamics, Granular Materials, Colloids, Theory and Simulation of Turbulent Flows, Nonlinear phenomena, Nonlinear excitations in materials, Reaction-Diffusion Systems, Nonlinear Optics and Spectroscopy, Hamiltonian and Lagrangian dynamics, Hyperbolic dynamics, Topological and smooth dynamics, Topological Methods in Surface Dynamics, Random dynamical systems, Visualization of Complex Dynamical Systems, Applications in Biology, Applications in Physics, Applications in Chemistry, Applications in Astronomy, Applications in Engineering, Mathematical Theory of Control, Stability, Observability, Controlability, Factorizability, Reachability, Linear Control, Non-Linear Control, Optimal Control, Robust Control, Computational Intelligence, Neural Control, Fuzzy Control, Genetic Control, Hybrid (Neural-Fuzzy-Evolutionary) Methodologies, Intelligent Control, Stochastic Control, Discrete Control, Hierarchical Control, Large Scale Systems, Adaptive Control, Predictive Control, Process Control, H-infinity Control, Multivariable Control, Multivariable Systems, Multidimensional Systems, Discrete Event Systems, Re-configurable Systems, Real-Time Control, Industrial Control, Control for Electric Machines, Control for Power Systems, Fault Detection, Simulation, Optimization, Identification, Estimation, Kalman Filtering, Robotics, Robotic Networks, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Circuits, Devices and Systems for Automation and Control, Electronics for Control, Electrical and Electronic Measurement, Signal Processing for Control, Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, Modeling and Simulation, Computer Networks for Control, Internet Control, Microprocessors, Computer Architecture for Control, Software tools for Control, CAD/CAM systems, Applications in Biology, Applications in Physics, Applications in Chemistry, Applications in Astronomy, Applications in Civil Engineering, Applications in Chemical Engineering, Applications in Naval and Marine Engineering, Applications in Aerospace Engineering, Applications in Agricultural Engineering, Applications in Structures, Applications in Transportation Engineering, Other Applications and Special Topics, Filter design and structures, Fast algorithms, Adaptive filters, Nonlinear Signals and Systems, Multirate filtering and filter banks, Signal reconstruction, Time-frequency analysis, Spectral estimation, Higher order spectrum analysis, Parameter estimation, Detection, Array signal processing, Statistical signal analysis, Signal and system modeling, Cyclostationary signal analysis, Speech production and perception, Speech analysis